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Online Energy Auditor Training for BPI Certification Preparation

The EATC provides a unique interactive online training experience to help you get trained and prepared for BPI certification in Energy Auditing. That means you don’t need to take as much time off from your current job to attend classes or interrupt your busy schedule.

  • Comprehensive Building Science and Energy Auditor Training System
  • Online Instructors that are all BPI Certified
  • Packed with Sample Tests to prepare you for BPI Certification test
  • Includes Action Items and Homework
  • Based on BPI and US Dept of Energy Standards
  • Features Powerful Training Modules and Tools

Real World Training, Testing and Mentoring

The Thermal Star Online BPI Preparation training was designed for students to save money and eliminate most travel costs and lost work and income. You can complete the majority of your training online with the help and support of the ThermalStar training program and Mentors.

Online Interactive Mentoring

If you need support or guidance in your business, we provide an ongoing Mentorship Program. (Email, Text, Live Phone support & Live Webinars) We can get you focused and successful in your business.

Online Interactive Instructors

“New Online BPI Training provides you Live Interactive Instruction from a certified BPI Instructor and Mentor to provide you the knowledge and skills to become a certified BPI Energy Auditor and Home Performance Professional.”

Home Performance with Energy Star® is a national program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and sponsored locally across the county. This program connects homeowners with qualified contractors and energy auditors who assess each home’s ‘performance’ and recommend renovations that result in energy savings and improved home comfort.

Home Performance with Energy Star

  • A difference you’ll feel throughout your home,
  • A difference you’ll see when you open your utility bill each month, and
  • A difference you’ll experience working with a specially-trained Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor.

Illinois Home Performance with Energy Star program:

Choose a home improvement contractor who uses the comprehensive, “whole-house approach” recommended by the Illinois Home Performance with Energy Star program. These contractors are dedicated to helping you maximize energy efficiency and comfort, while minimizing wasteful spending.

Typical improvements include sealing air leaks and adding insulation; improving heating and cooling systems; repairing ductwork; replacing windows, upgrading lighting, appliances and water heating equipment; and installing renewable energy systems.

This program will be available statewide and will be administered through local utilities. Check back on this website in the coming months to find available contractors, rebates and incentives, additional program details on how to begin saving money while increasing the comfort and safety of your home.

Each State Program list BPI Certified Contractors….get your BPI Certification today…get listed on your local state and utility company websites as a Home Energy Audit Professional…DOE has announced additional programs coming in 2011!

Start your Home Energy Audit Training TODAY!

Become a BPI Building Analyst

Our Online BPI Building Analyst training and preparation course covers introduction to Building Science, Building Performance, Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing requirements, home energy efficiency and the BPI Standards. Our training, curriculum and system is interactive and includes direct contact with your personal Instructor/Mentor.

Upon completion of our online training and certification preparation course, we will help arrange the proctored BPI Certification tests at our location or in your local area.

Registration Fee: $599.00 Includes Residential Energy Guide & Course Manual.

Local Field Training, Testing and Mentoring fees vary based on the Certified BPI Proctors in your area.

BPI BA+E Certified Contractor

The Building Analyst & Envelope Professional training and preparation course is for contractors who require a BPI Accredited Contractor Certification for Federal, State and Utility rebates.

Registration Fee: $899.00 Includes Residential Energy Guide & Course Manual

Local Field Training, Testing and Mentoring fees vary based on the Certified BPI Proctors in your area.

BPI Affiliates and Proctors

Energy Audit Training Centers is recruiting local and regional BPI Affiliates and Proctors to provide Field Testing and Certification testing for our online students.

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